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Recently, I started to try Keyboard Maestro, and some people talked about it can be used as a replacement for TextExpander. Even I am not super fan of TextExpander, but I still use it sometimes. I decided to try it to see difference.


Add a new trigger, select Typed String Trigger, then This string is typed.

Type any short string as trigger, eg. I use gml (two spaces after gml). And other options which you can select as you like.

Make sure you tick Simulaate x deletes before executing, otherwise the trigger phrase won’t be deleted before expansion is inserted.



There are only two actions. One is Insert Text, and another is Delete Past Clipboard

Insert Text action, type the expansion into the textarea, and you also can use Insert Token to add variables of Keyboard Maestro given.

Delete Past Clipboard action, change the value to 0(default is 1), because Insert Text action will paste the expansion to clipboard, and replace any previously copied.