Running Pow And MAMP Pro Together

source: Running Pow with Apache

I use both Pow for rails development and MAMP Pro for PHP development. I need them work simultaneously.

Before start, if you have Pow installed, uninstall it with

curl | sh

Then let pow’s firewall run to redirect all traffic from port 88 instead of port 80

echo 'export POW_DST_PORT=88' >> ~/.powconfig

Then you can install Pow as normal

curl | sh

Now, open MAMP Pro, create a new host. Doesn’t matter what it is named and which directory is selected (though I use ‘’ and the folder I keep my Rails apps in).Also, deselect the select box for “local name resolution”, just in case. Then go to the Advanced tab, and fill this in to the textarea labeled “Customized virtual host general settings”:

ServerName pow
ServerAlias *.dev    

ProxyPass / http://localhost:20559/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:20559/
ProxyPreserveHost On

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