Which browser for what link on macOS

May. 29, 2020

It’s hard to split work and personal usage on the laptop at all.

I would like to open work related web pages on Google Chrome, and all others go to Safari

Before I have a Keyboard Maestro Marcos, I manually copy the address to clipboard and use hotkey to open it in the Google Chrome.

However, this needs two more steps that are right-clicking or selection, and the hotkey.

Then I find a few apps that can do the same with just clicking. You need to set the app as the default browser, and once you click the address, the app will help you forward to the specific app by the rule you set up.

I also made a shortcuts on iOS that you can use share sheet or clipboard to open the address in Google Chrome iOS.


The only one supports Google Chrome Profile so far. So if you have multiple profiles in Google Chrome, this is the only choice for you right now. Also, it has a similar popup browser selection like Bumpr.


The UI is the best, especially the popup browser selection, however, once you set up the rule, you could not edit it.

Browser Opener

Similar to Choosy, but not support Google Chrome Profile yet


Very recently found this open source, you need to write a config file using JavaScript rather than GUI. However, there is a page finicky kickstart that helps you generate a basic config file. Also, There is one feature that you can edit the urls before opening.